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Air Quality links

Table of Contents

This page contains links to web sites and pages having to do with Air Quality. The information is divided into the following categories:
bullet Organizations & research institutes
bullet International projects
bulletWeb Directories

Organizations & research institutes

This is a very incomplete list of organizations & research institutes working in the air pollution area
bulletAir Quality Research at FMI
bullet Finnish Environmental Administration
bullet European Topic Centre on Air Quality
bullet Risø National Laboratory
bullet NERI: Department of Atmospheric Environment
bullet Envirolink
bullet US EPA
bulletLos Alamos National Laboratory
bullet California Air Resources Board (models:CALPUFF,CALINE,ISCST,SAQM etc)
bullet TTN 2000 - the future of information transfer ! ( by EPA´s Air Quality Planning and Standards)
bullet EPA Office of Mobile Sources
bullet UCAR
bullet National Centre for Atmospheric Research
bullet NASA: Destination Earth
bulletMORE Air Quality links (at Los Alamos NL site)
bullet Directory of organizations & Institutes active in Environmental Monitoring
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International projects

bullet SATURN
bullet Env E City
bullet    WG2 of COST 715
bullet    WG3 of COST 715
bullet UN Environment Programme
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Web directories

bulletAir Quality (Google)
bullet Dispersion Modelling (Google)
bullet Atmospheric Chemistry (Google)
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Ari Karppinen.
Revised: September 03, 2002.