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Ari's Area



 The  logistics:

Born in Savo  (Rautavaara) in the 60's.
Moved later around Finland (Larsmo, Kitee, Kolho, Ruovesi and Suomussalmi).
Settled (for a while) in  the Helsinki Metropolitan area  (Pakila, Kulomäki, Pasila, Kontula, Länsimäki & Tikkurila).
Will be  moving  to Tuusula in the near future.

The Short History of my Studies:

Got all sorts of diplomas from the Helsinki University of Technology.

The Short Work History:

Started at FMI in '84; still there.

The Hobbies:

Used to play GO actively (some 10 years ago). Not given up the hope to learn the game some day.


Marja (my wife)  & Mike (the dog).

Contact Information:

karppinen.ari at
gsm  :358405346809 ; work fax 358919295403

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GO : 4000 years old board game with simple rules, very complicated tactics but even more difficult strategy.

My Work

Working as a senior research scientist at the Finnish Meteorological Institute, Air Quality Research Department.

& my publications

The  up-to-date list of my scientific & other publications...


...but, not only writing - doing a  lot of reading too, some for work and more for leisure...


 ...  and, if  too tired to work, write, read or even to play GO, there's still the music (mainly listening  - nowadays)