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Born in Savo  (Rautavaara) in the 60's.
Moved later around Finland (Larsmo, Lempäälä, Kitee, Kolho, Ruovesi and Suomussalmi).
Settled (for a while) in  the Helsinki Metropolitan area  (Pakila, Kulomäki, Pasila, Kontula, Töölö, Länsimäki & Tikkurila)...
current place of residence: Tuusula.

Short History of my Studies...

Got all sorts of diplomas & degrees from the Helsinki University of Technology.

... and Even Shorter Work History:

Started at FMI in '84; still there. CV.


Used to play GO actively (some 10 years ago). Not given up the hope to learn the game - some day.


Marja (my wife)  & Mike (the dog).

Contact Information:

karppinen.ari at
gsm  358405346809 ; work fax 358919295403

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GO : 4000 years old board game with simple rules, very complicated tactics but even more difficult strategy.

Research on:
 air quality modeling,
 population exposure,
PM concentrations,

... my scientific  &
 some other publications ...

... not only a writer  -  quite an active reader too: some for work and much more just for fun...

 ...  and, if  too tired to work, write, read or even to play GO, there's still the music !